• New Hunter Biden Child Rape Photos Dropping Daily October 27, 2020
    These stills were pulled from anonymous sources familiar with the matter and have been censored via mosaic pixelization to protect the innocent while exposing the guilty. You are required to…
  • Anti-Lockdown Protests Erupt Across Italy October 27, 2020
    Protests against coronavirus tyranny have exploded across Italy as citizens demand a return to normalcy after months of lockdowns and crushing restrictions. [EuroWars] The Italian government imposed another national lockdown…
  • Rose McGowan to Hillary Clinton: “You Campaign For Rapists & Line Your Pockets With Pedophiles” October 27, 2020
    [USSA] Hollywood actress and #MeToo proponent Rose McGowan blasted former Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, claiming she surrounds herself with monsters, rapists and pedophiles. McGowan made the remarks directly to…
  • Biden in a Basement (He’s Delirious!) Sing Along October 26, 2020
    Biden in a basement, I know, I know He’s delirious! Hunter and his laptop, I know, I know it’s really serious! There were times he could have murdered him! But…
  • Ashley Biden Journal Proves Joe Biden Is A Pedophile October 25, 2020
    National File has obtained what a whistleblower has identified as a copy of the complete diary of Ashley Blazer Biden, the 39-year-old daughter of Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden, dating…
  • Pedogate 2020 Part 3 October 25, 2020
    Mouthy Buddha has released (and YouTube has already pulled) Pedogate 2020 Part Three so this video thumbnail should have our Banned on YouTube Badge of honor but I really wanted to…
  • DarkDox Digest Returns October 24, 2020
    DarkDox Digest Season 2, Episode 1 (October 21st, 2020) This is the return of DarkDox Digest! In this episode Christian Coffins was joined by Greg Fernandez Jr. to talk about…
  • Second Presidential Debate October 23, 2020
    President Donald Trump’s final debate with former Vice President Joseph Biden. They discuss Covid-19, lockdowns, masks, social distancing, opening the country, teachers, schools, plexiglass, cubicles, wrapped in plastic, New York…
  • Ghislaine Maxwell Deposition Unsealed October 22, 2020
    Case 1:15-cv-07433-LAP Document 1137-13 Filed 10/22/20 Page 1 of 465 EXHIBIT 6 Case 1:15-cv-07433-LAP Document 1137-13 Filed 10/22/20 Page 2 of 465 Page 1 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT…
  • Rudy Giuliani Hands Hunter Biden Laptop To Delaware State Police October 22, 2020
    Hunter Biden’s hard drive contained a conversation between him and his father, Joe Biden, where the following is stated: “She told my therapist that I was sexually inappropriate with [redacted]…

FederalJack.com a brief history, and a bold future.

We started FederalJack.com in 2004 with the goal of sharing what we have learned in our quest for real information. We wanted the truth about world history, politics, and the unknown. We knew we were being lied to by our schools, the news, and politicians. We knew that this was nothing new. We knew it would continue unless we did something about it. So we started the site to report on current events & archive federal documents.

We put on suits and went to political debates. We confronted politicians. We started filming law enforcement breaking laws. We have worked with WeAreChange and Infowars.

Police tried to delete our footage, we got it back. We had weekly film screenings, lectures, and events in Miami for several years until we decided to hand over the project to one of our most dedicated members, Popeye. Alex and James founded HackMiami, Popeye hosted the long running Down The Rabbit Hole radio program, & I started Sacred Owls, and DarkDox.com.

Now, 15 year later we want a fresh start.

We are proud to announce a new chapter of FederalJack. A new domain, FedJack.com, shorter, easier to remember. We built a fresh new site with all new content and we do plan on archiving all the old content as well.

We are looking for new talent as well. If you like what we have done so far and have some skills, email us to join the team!

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  • Sacred Owls Live Together at Lou’s 2020 DVD Out Now! August 2, 2020
    During the first lockdown here in Florida the world famous Uncle Lou’s Entertainment Hall had the balls to let us perform live when all other bars were closed. The police came because some mask wearing Nazi called the cops on us and could do nothing because no laws were being broken. No alcohol was served, […]
  • It Is Not Transphobic To Be Against The Sexualization Of Children August 1, 2020
    This was originally published May 7th, 2018 and it is still something that needs to be said. Adults that wish or feel the need to modify their bodies for whatever reasons is totally up to them and we will not knock them for that. We are strongly opposed to the grooming of children into trans […]
  • Sacred Tabs 2020 July 31, 2020
    We made a some guitar hero style bass tab video tutorials for Beware, Take Care & Pedophile Hunter Rock’n’Roll! Enjoy!
  • Sacred Owls and DarkDox.com have launched ChildLivesMatter.org to cancel pedophilia once and for all. July 1, 2020
    I, Christian Coffins, of Sacred Owls and DarkDox.com as of June 28th, 2020 have officially launched ChildLivesMatter.org to achieve the following: Cancel Pedophilia/Hebephilia from human society for good. Remove all child pornography on social media and prosecute against Facebook, YouTube, and any other offenders for not doing so already. Fund our already diligent and hard […]
  • Last Sacred Owls Show Before Florida Lockdown 2.0 Tonight In Tampa June 26, 2020
    Sacred Owls returns to the stage this evening for a special live performance at the Brass Mug in Tampa, Florida with Razor and the Boogie Men, The Stone Cobras, and more! Florida shut down all bars AGAIN starting today BUT Brass Mug will stay open for this show to take place. No alcohol will be […]
  • Sacred Owls Live From The Lockdown April 30, 2020
    During the Covid19 lockdown in Orlando, Florida Uncle Lou’s opened up for Sacred Owls to perform live which was originally aired live on Greg Fernandez Jr’s YouTube channel. This is the pregame updates including clips from Animated No Agenda (noagendashow.com) and the hot mic at the white house saying Covid19 is a hoax and to […]
  • Sacred Owls Livestream during the Lockdown from Uncle Lous April 21, 2020
    We will begin streaming live at 7:30pm EST with some important and entertaining videos while we set up our equipment for the first time since this whole stupid thing happened then at 8pm we will be live on the air performing a FULL Sacred Owls set with new songs, old songs, projections, and some conversation […]
  • Arielle Burial on Covid-19 Death Rates April 21, 2020
    Sacred Owls drummer & singer speaks up about the small numbers of trumped up death rates of Covid-19.
  • New Sacred Owls Release “Beware” Out Now from Coffins Collective on CD and Cassette! February 13, 2020
    Sacred Owls –  Beware (CD-EP) $8.99 (FREE SHIPPING!) This is Sacred Owls first solo release since Government Sponsored Terrorism in 2014! Beware is a 6 song EP (with 2 secret tracks!) Beware, Take Care Pedophile Hunter Rock’n’Roll Good Gal With A Gun Magog and the Ghouls Owlmobile Conspiracy Of Silence ??? ??? It is also available […]
  • Sacred Owls – They Are Here To Save The World DVD December 20, 2019
    Sacred Owls – They are here to save the world DVD is 3 hours and 46 minutes long with 8 new documentaries, 16 music videos, and much more! $13! Free shipping worldwide! Chapter 1: Prevues of Coming Attractions Just Like at Any Sacred Owls Show, We Start the Presentation with Some Sneak Peeks at Goodies […]